Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Off

It's been kind of quiet around here mostly due to work and crummy weather. I really have to do a "reveal" picture of my secret shoes but rain has prevented me recreating my outfit.

But on the plus side it was only in the low 70s this weekend so I cooked up a storm. I made hummus from scratch, baked flatbread, made soup and cooked a few meals for us too.

From top:
- soaking chickpeas
- prepping tomatoes to roast with Rosemary Hot Crash potatoes
- Lunch!
- Tomatoes for soup
- Tomato basil soup

What delish thing did you eat this weekend?

1 comment:

Gabrielle Smith said...

I made creme brulee from scratch for the first time only to find out that my butane torch no longer works. The creme part, though, was still delicious!