Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Second Fashion Show - 9-23-2010

Finally time for another 3 Second Fashion Show.  I have been remiss, I know. But really it was because I was afraid of all of the bugs!  I got mauled this summer and I can't stand going out for even 3 seconds!

Lots of black in today's outfit but there are glints here and there.  The lace cardigan is from the Benhaz Sarafpour for Target and the skirt is Target as well.  The tights are from Kushyfoot and the shoes are the Isabel Toledo for Payless oxfords.

I actually had someone tell me the shoes are cute and ugly at the same time.   What do you think???  I don't have a lot of yellow so I liked having a bit of brightness from the sole.  I wanted to pair them with black today but how fun will these be with bright solid tights? I think I have a pair in that same bright yellow color. 

Those will be next!

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Midtown Girl said...

I love this video!!! You are totes adorable Poochie - can't wait to see more <3