Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lucky UK - Manolo Blahnik at Liberty

Manolo Blahnik and Liberty

I have to admit that I am green with jealousy, that I do no have access to this collection.  I can think of little else that would be as swoon-worthy and the reality of it is almost too much.  

Manolo Blahnik has paired up with Liberty to create an exclusive line of scarves, bags, pillows, candles, accessories, fabrics and more.  He has even created a line of shoes using some of the classic fabrics. 

Some of the collection you can buy online but the shoes are only available in stores.  GAH!

I am loving this collection but even more amazing is the full range of styles from Manolo Blahnik that the store carries.   I had no idea!

The worst part is... THEY DON'T SHIP!  Why is that?  I can't understand why a store or company would not want to help me spend my money.  LET ME SPEND MY MONEY WITH YOU!!!

Anyways, if you are in the UK, you lucky dog, pop round and scoop some up for yourself!  Just don't tell me about it or I will die of envy.


PS. Thank you, MilkGlassHeart for alerting me to this collaboration!


Faith J. said...

I live in the US but happened to be at Liberty in London on Fashion's Night Out. Saw the amazing shoes and scarves in person. If you like, you can check out my blog for photos and a mini-story:


TheShoeGirl said...

girrrl... I'll be in London in 3 weeks and will totally pick them up for you if you want. Just let me know. Maybe you can buy now and have them hold them till I get them. :)


Anonymous said...

mwuhaha, there has to be some advantages to living in rainy London!