Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ensemble du Jour - 9-20-10

This is pretty typical work outfit: Merona cardigan, black cami and black and white houndstooth skirt - all from Target. 

I have a ton of basic clothes from Target.  But since I'm not shopping there while they continue to support politicians who advocate against human rights, I'm going to have to branch out to other options... and cut back, which I need to do anyways.

The shoes are "Jessica" by Lilibee.  I've had these for a while and I like that they are a neat little spin on the typical black patent mary jane. Details like the stacked wood inset on the heel, the large shiny buckles and the fun oversized cord stitching.

My work outfits can vary quite a bit based on my mood (and what's new in my closet) - from a tulle skirt to triple-laced-up knee-high boots, but this straight-forward look is almost a uniform... and helps be get out of the house when I'm running late.


PipsyPops said...

I'm from the UK and I always hear people mentioning Target. I didn't know about that side of them. What other major retailers should I be aware of?

D'Rae said...

Where did you find your dress form? I want one so bad!

Poochie said...

D'Rae - I actually bought it from Pottery Barn Teens catalog, if you can believe that! Not cheap but not crazy expensive at $200 - http://www.pbteen.com/products/dress-form/?pkey=cteen-trunks-alarm-clocks-dorm

Pipsy - There is a lot of coverage going on and some boycotting. The two mass merchandisers that are getting press for supporting these politicians are Target and Best Buy but the owner of Urban Outfitters (and Anthropologie) has a bad reputation as well. Hope that helps.

WendyB said...

Newspaper colors! Black, white and red all over!