Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bubblegum Plastic: Steel, Glass and Concrete

For some reason I'm drawn to cloud jewelry lately.  I don't have a reason for it.  The pieces that catch my eye just seem to have a peaceful, whimsical quality to them.  So it's not surprising this necklace jumped out at me on Etsy the other day.

It's sort of like cartoon cloud.  Simple, peaceful and... sturdy.  It's made of steel, glass and concrete yet retains its fluffy cloud integrity.

The cloud necklace is great but, after visiting the rest of DrCraze's shop I found myself liking quite a few of his pieces.

The size on this simple circle is wonderful.  The chunks of aquamarine sparkle have to sparkle.

I'm particularly fond of the black glass pieces especially when they are bound in brass.  I think I need the Void design above.

His designs are simple and graphic.  They have strength and size but their elegance is what really stands out. And the prices are reasonable, most around $35 - $45.

Just don't buy my cloud!

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Anonymous said...

I'm the proud owner of the second one. Love it but it's a little smaller than I expected. Would definitely recommend.