Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being Coveted

I started this blog in July of 2007.  Another blog started that year was The Coveted.

I found Jennine's site not too long after that and have been a loyal and inspired reader ever since.  Over the years we've become friends and I've been a happy supporter of her site, her huge undertaking of creating Independent Fashion Bloggers, her new site Eat, Sleep, Denim and her success with each of these endeavors.

Jennine is an amazing force in the online fashion community and is truly unique. The Coveted in the name in fashion blogging.  If you don't know her site or IFB you shouldn't or couldn't be involved in fashion.

But just last week I saw a slew of tweets from the fashion press linking to a new site using the Twitter handle of @coveteddotcom and I was totally confused.  I didn't know Jennine was starting a new site (one that actually reminded me of Style Like U) so I sent her a quick tweet.

Imagine my shock and dismay when I heard it was a new site with obviously very well connected founders who had purchased the name and were getting the benefits of Jennine's four years of hard work by leveraging her name!

These founders do not believe there was any confusion between the two sites and have also threatened to sue Jennine if she or her supporters discuss this issue. Finding that preposterous, Rachel from The Greyest Ghost and I are promoting a petition to show that Yes, we were confused by this and feel that they, as the new arrival, should change their name.

This could happen to any blogger site but we need to be strong as a community and show them that this is very very wrong.  Please go and sign the petition and add any comments.  Rally!


WendyB said...

Love that they think they can put a gag order on the world. WTF?

Dissolved Girl said...

Oh my! I was confused too. At first I was thinking is Jennine making changes? But then I thought she would have said something. What a pain. ;( I signed the petition.

Alterations Needed said...

Awful, just awful! I've been watching this unveil for the last few days. Thank you for setting up the petition! Team Jennine!