Saturday, January 1, 2011

Carrying a Load

We just finished a busy holiday season and the sales are still going everywhere.  But I wanted to share and item that I didn't look to see if it had a discount or a coupon code.

It's the gorgeous and philanthropic Feed bag.  The version I'm showing here is the beaded bag that is available on the Feed site and at Bergdorf Goodmans.   It's $195, which is a lot for a bag no matter who the maker, but what you get with this is something more than just a bag. Sure you get a handcrafted, hand-beaded piece of art but you also are also providing the funds to feed two Kenyan school children for a year.  These bags are made by women in the area as well, so you also help to support the community.

You can see how skilled the craftsmanship is, as if you needed an additional reason to get this versatile and sturdy bag.

The purchase of a beaded Feed bag can have a huge impact but the Feed organization has a huge price range of ways you can give back while getting something unique - from tees to smaller bags to toys - you're sure to find something that is meaningful and works with your budget.  Plus, what a great way to start off the new year!

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