Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm a Danger

These are my spiked Freddy oxfords.  I love them.  They made a splash last Fashion Week as I wore oxfords all over town, much more than heels.

What was funny was the husband said that I probably shouldn't wear them on the plane, just in case. I pooh-poohed that and wore them any ways. Yes, I did get a side-eye from the screener but come on, they aren't very sharp or anything.  So silly!

But I guess not. Nice Kicks just shared a story about how ti$a's Rollerboy spiked loafers were almost confiscated by TSA!

What the heck??? I could do more damange with the heel of some of my shoes than with these.

Come on people.  Between taking a friend's 2 year-old's apple juice to threatening fabulous footwear, it's getting a bit ridiculous, don't you think?


Grace said...

Those shoes are AMAZING!!! So jealous.


Tricia said...

Weren't you wearing those at Stacy's show??!! I'd definitely "confiscate" them.

PipsyPops said...

you're lucky they weren't confiscated, I once wore two bracelets that had similar, non sharp spikes and they took them from me T T
It was in the UK though.
It is getting a bit ridiculous, a friend of mine had her eyelash curlers taken from her in Japan. WTF?

Candypop said...

ahh those are the prettiest oxfords ever! I just stumbled upon your blog since i just purchased some spikes loafers recently and wondered how to style em!

love your shoe blog though :)

Mitchell said...

Your CLs are just awesome!