Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bows on the Brain

I love a good fascinator. And if they are bit silly or extravagant, I like them all the more.  So it's not surprising, is it, that I wold love to have one of these pieces from Tour De Force?

The Bronze Bowtie would be perfect with my new copper patent oxfords (still to take some snaps of those for you!) - £215.00

But the Ruby Rose is so lush too!  And I look good in red. - £159.00
Of course, Bardot bunny ears - a bow AND bunny ears!!! - may get me to hand over my card. I mean, how can you resist??? - £79.00

And I'm not done with bows bedecking me bodily (hee hee!).  I was on ideeli today and they have some fun and inexpensive BCBG jewelry.  I've been wanting some pretty sparkly rings and when I saw these bow rings - in bronzey gold, pink and aqua - for only $16, I jumped.

Run right over and grab some for yourself too.  A bit of sparkle and ridiculousness goes a long way to cheering up the mid-winter doldrums.


violetville said...

love these!! i love how they're over the top + glam but in a super classy way!

Ashe Mischief said...

Oh god, the Bardot Bunny ears? THUMP THUMP THUMP.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE fascinators and am so glad that people in America are embracing them.

My dream is to own a Philip Treacey one.

Let us know if you get one of them!


- Rachel - said...

If you're looking for slightly more affordable options, I was just perusing ASOS and found these two that are also pretty incredible:

Not a bow, but I love:


Enjoy! ~Rachel