Sunday, January 23, 2011

SD Review: Boot Tights

You  know those genius ideas?  The ones that you can't believe no one came up with until now.  Well, this is one of those ideas... Boot tights.

I was sent a pair of these tights in the opaque mid-calf style and the moment I put them on, I was in heaven.  These are so perfect for wearing with boots, especially in the winter.  My feet were extra comfortable and warm.
What they are is a thicker, more sock-like, section of the tight that merges seamlessly with the opaque tight above the bootline.  Not only was I loving the fact that my feet were more comfortable (from the extra cushioning) and warm but the boots were less able to destroy my tights.  I can't be the only one who has boots that catch and put holes and runs in her tights.

I love the classic mid-calf style I tried, but they also make opaque & ankle, cable knit, fishnet, pinstripe, herringbone and argyle.

Right now the tights are only available in black but I hope they will think of expanding to other colors.  I love bright tights with boots and wear them all winter long.  More more more!

You can order Boot Tights directly via their site, other sites or via retailers in your area. We've got a lot more winter to get through so check them out!


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lisa said...

They're a nifty idea, but in a pinch wearing socks over your tights works too. :)

ms. Jo said...

Yeah but, yeah but, now your socks stay up!
I'd buy these.