Thursday, February 10, 2011

Color Smitten

I have never ever had nice, long, strong nails.  Nooo, I have to have crummy nails that break when you so much as look at them and have no nail beds to speak of so even short nail look lousy.

But I'm trying to do better about taking care of them in the hopes that they will grow and look nice. And I'm becoming a bit obsessed with nail polish.

I've recently done a big sweep at Ulta and Bergdorfs to get some gorgeous colors.  Colors that I hope will incent me to take good care of my nails.

I don't typically buy Chanel polishes as much as I do their lipsticks but I really wanted this pretty orchid-y pink-purple Lilac Sky.

Then last night I went to Ulta for more:

For fun I got a small bottle of Orly's VIP pink glitter which I think I'll wear over a pale pink base .

The main reason I was there was to find a pale yellow to match the Lemonade Converse I want to get. And funnily enough, this Orly color is called Lemonade as well!

But all the pretty spring colors were calling out to me.

So I bought a sample pack of the new French Affair collection from Essie.

French Affair -

Nice is Nice -

Sand Tropez -

And Coat Azure, which I'm wearing now -

But I had to get a few other colors, just to test them out.  Like Wicked (a dark dark burgundy)

The olive-y green Sew Psyched -

Searching for the perfect lavender in St. Lucia Lilac -

And another pretty, less shimmery blue in Lapis of Luxury -

Obviously I'm pining away for the soft colors of spring.  No flowers yet but I can have them on my nails.


Faith J. said...

Wow you got some great colors! Nice!

I understand about the nail thing. My short nails are always split city. But the polish covers it up. :)

Tiffany* said...

Love that Chanel color! You really picked up some great colors. You'll love Sand Tropez and Sew Psyched once their on. I was wearing Sew Psyched so often that my mom was like-"don't you have any other colors?" haha!

As for your nails-mine always used to split or break and were very thin and brittle till I started taking a vitamin especially for hair, nails, and skin. You can find it at Walmart for under $10 and it's called-"Hair, Nails, and Skin". I've been taking these for over 2 years now and since I started I've felt so much healthier! And my nails grow so fast and are so strong! Just my friendly 10cents :)

Enjoy the new polish!

DeeDee said...

I have been wanting Lilac Shy for a year but Vendetta grabbed my heart.

TheShoeGirl said...

I LOVE nail polish!! That green is amazing!