Thursday, February 17, 2011

Consolation Prize

While I like going to Fashion Week, seeing the shows and experiencing the excitement of all the creativity in one place, it's very challenging for me as well. 

Even though fur usage declined, it is now back on the rise.  For some reason, people really think that fur is a good thing, although I'll never understand why?  All I see is vicious cruelty.  And I've been following along as many of the fashion pubs, brands and blogs jump onto Tumblr.  The bombardment of fur visuals from this week is hella depressing.

These images just make me sick.  Skinning an animal after keeping it in horrid conditions and then electrocuting it to death?  60 minks, 10-20 foxes or beavers, 30-50 raccoons, 6-10 seals, 110 squirrels or 130-200 chinchillas have to die for one fur coat! That's fashion!

I mean how can you look at this:

And not see that it was once this?  Yet so much lovelier and more wondrous:

I'm serious.  If you think wearing animal fur is okay, I don't want to know you. 

To cleanse my mind I had to go look for some cute shoes that are totally vegan and don't make me depressed as hell.

So, since I'm on a flats kick here are some sweet ballet flats from Beyond Skin and come in oodles of colors and are on sale!

I also popped by Cri de Coer because I'm loving cap-toe flats (in fact I'm wearing a cute faux patent tan and black pair from Gap right now).  Cri de Coer's are pricier but they are also on sale right now.

You can learn more about the horrors of the fur industry if you dare

Fur is easy to avoid, so let your favorite designers know that they should ignore the bribes of the fur industry and keep their clothes cruelty free.


Faith J. said...

TOTALLY with you, Princess Poochie! I won't even wear faux fur. It's a disgusting "look".

meegiemoo said...

I hate fur too. I'd like to live a more animal friendly life but often find vegan shoes to be uncomfortable or environmentally bad in other ways (e.g., plastic shoes).

Any thoughts about leather shoes?

Poochie said...


The leather vs non-leather shoe decision really varies. I've found some brands are doing animal-friendly options much better these days. These two brands, OlsenHaus, Stella McCartney (of course) as well as brands like Melissa, Payless, Target and even Steve Madden (not my fave, but more reasonable) are all good ones to check out.

I've found the comfort level to be equal to many of my leather shoes.

TheShoeGirl said...

Great post!! Fur is gross.
I went into Prada yesterday and the sales lady said that they were getting a bunch of fun FAUX fur stuff in soon. :)

Anonymous said...

While I can understand where you're coming from you also have to respect the companies that are advertising cruelty free fur where the animals aren't mistreated and every part is used. I think that is the best median to make everyone happy.

Poochie said...


I would love for you to show me such a place. I don't think it exists. But regardless - the animal DIES for this so, No, I don't consider any thing that results in an animal's death "a happy medium".

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I see many sides to this. Animals also die so we can eat meat, as our bodies were designed to do. And to make leather shoes and garments. Cows are treated absolutely horribly too, but we don't hear much about that.

- Tessa

Poochie said...

I'm vegan so I do talk about that because I don't think we should use or kill animals for their meat, eggs or milk either. I also don't think we should use them for entertainment or breed them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up - I thought you had leather shoes!

- Tessa

Poochie said...

I do have leather shoes from when before
I went vegan. But I am not really buying leather goods going forward. When I show shoes on here now it is to discuss the design, not the materials. But you won't see any shoes with exotic skins, fur or feathers on here from when we went vegan forward.


Anonymous said...

I'm not into fur myself (but I like faux fur, because it remind me of my stuffed animal when I was a child), though I also think that shoes in foal is the most disgusting thing ever. I'm quite upset about the fact that it's currently very "fashionable".

I'm from a horses lovers family, and those thing give me the creeps.

Maybe it's stupid, but regular leather don't freak me out as much...

Anyway, not fur & no foal shoes would be the best.