Friday, February 18, 2011

Matching Philosophies

This post is entirely too image-heavy but I can't help it.  I'm totally smitten with basically every look that came out of the Philosophy show

I too am a bit surprised that this is a Fall show but I'd buy this and save it for the following Spring. I'm, admittedly, not the best at mixing patters or layering.  I'm more the matchey-matchey type and this tonal look from coats to dresses to tights down to adorable wingtip and multi-strap mary janes is right up my alley. I better start saving now because I really think I need every piece.  And with shoes in this many gorgeous, coordinated shades, I can't skimp in that department either.

But let's just get on with the pretty pictures, shall we...

All I can say is, Le Sigh!


TheShoeGirl said...

SO good!

Anna @ShoeHunting said...

Loving the pastels! Just like taffy :) Are the shoes by Philosophy too? I NEED those.