Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Speaking of Spring

Here's what's speaking to me for spring: casual stripes, fancy sparkly jewelry, satchels, cuffs and oxfords.

JCrew is killing it with all the stripes.  I got the sailor stripe top in black/linen and I've ordered the Maritime dress below.

Oh, and guess what showed up last week?  A Poochie Pink Cambridge Satchel!  It will be perfect to add a pop of color and to carry around my iPad.

Although I prefer Fall over Spring, I am excited for bright skies, flowers and color!


Helen@Soft Leather Baby Shoes said...

Love the pink Poochie bag!

Angie said...

Is this the fluorescent pink? It's beautiful!

Poochie said...

Angie, no this is the regular pink. But the brights are pretty.

sau yin said...

the color was much more beautiful than it was in the cambridge satchel website:)