Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Butterflies on the Brain

I've got butterflies on the brain....

Which would you choose?

The slingback or the d'Orsay?

With the slingback you see more of the sweet fabric but the d'Orsay is such a lovely shoe and one of my favorite styles from Manolo Blahnik?



Jeanie said...

My thoughts were exactly like yours about seeing more of the pattern on the slingbacks. But I think I'm in love with the d'orsay.

Anonymous said...

Go for the D'Ordsay!


WendyB said...

The slingback!

Anonymous said...

The D'orsay!!! But I saw on Martha Steward's Wedding magazine there is a BB pump version and they are absolutely gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I will confess that I got the slingback.


Anonymous said...

I saw the pump version too! They were in the March In-Style mag - LOVE them!!