Sunday, November 20, 2011

Want the Joules Posh Wellies with Bows?

I get tons of hits and questions regarding finding the Joules Posh Bow Wellies shown above and shared here last year. I don't blame you!  They are adorable and I love wearing the pairs that I got.

Sadly this exact style was for last year, but you are in luck!  I do have some options and ideas to share with you if you are dying for a pair with the saucy bows.

First up is a beribboned style from Joules called the Evedon.  This comes in the red with navy you see below, a purple with purple and a navy with gold.   They're $105, which is pricey I know but I know you ladies want them!.  Joules also does tons of other cute wellies, so check out their selection.

From Next in the UK is this similar to the original option.  They're only $31 which is pretty on par for most wellies. These are listed in the Girls section, so make sure to confirm the sizing first!

If you can't find what you w
ant, one option is to make them. Here's a quick video tutorial to help you out. -


Of the DIYs that I saw, I liked the results from Style Your Life the best.  She did a great job and even added grommets too!  Very professional.  I'll take a pair!

I know the Shoe Hunt can be frustrating, so persevere!


Miss Chloe said...

I love these! such an awesome holiday present idea!


Janan Leo said...

I just saw this on another log too and it looks so cool. Thanks for sharing us.
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Jewelry Trays said...

Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

wellies said...

Oh my goodness, they are so pretty! I bet you could make something like this yourself with a bit of practice :)