Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big shoes to fill

I have a pretty small shoe size (a 5 or 5.5) and from an aesthetic stand point I usually like it. But it can be incredibly frustrating when shoes start at a size 6. Sometimes I feel invisible. Don't these designers know I want to buy their shoes! I mean I have cash just like a person who wears a 7. So paradoxically, this is why I have so many shoes. When I find a pair that I like, and they fit me, I have to buy them. Of course 50% of the time my shoes were the display shoes and have price stickers on the bottom. Which is hot.

So normally finding that a shoe doesn't come in my size isn't a big surprise and a minor disappointment. But this is a teeth-gnashing, howling, stomping my feet in frustration, wailing in despair meltdown because these don't come in my size:

(Manolo Blahnik Druccio - photo courtesy of Style-Spy)
This is just so not fair.
If anyone sees these in a 35, let me know. Please, please, please.


gilda said...

i know exactly how you feel because the same thing happens to me all the time and i almost lose my temper when i reeeeeeeeeeally want some shoes!

cass said...

Having the same problem on the opposite end of the spectrum- size 11- I feel your pain!

StyleSpy said...

Do you typically wear a 35 in Blahniks? Because they do run awfully small. (I've been known to go up a whole size, depending on the style.) It might be worth checking out the 35.5 or 36s and putting one of those clear gel-pad things in the forefoot to take up any extra space.