Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sorta Slack

Sorry I've been sort of slack around here! Today I was on the other side of the state for the HSUS Lobby Day.

I went to talk to legislators about some new bills the Humane Society is trying to introduce in our state, mainly better regulations to prevent puppy mill and to get a mandatory limit on how long a dog can be chained outside. These are especially needed here in North Carolina because we have a huge issue with both of these issues and dog fighting too. In fact, just this week they were able to rescue over 300 pups from a horrible puppy mill situation.

It was the first time I had done that, and while it was kind of stressful and tiring for me it was well well worth it!

I'll be back soon with more "fun" stuff, I promise!


1 comment:

Robin said...

What a great cause. My eldest (dog) daughter was a puppy mill rescue. She is perfect, and I don't even want to imagine other dogs like her kept like she was (for two years!)