Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shoes for a Princess

Everyone went absolutely ga-ga for the Sophia-envisioned Marie Antoinette movie. And who could blame them given unbelieveable-although-it-was-probably-this-excessive style of the wardrobes. And then when our beloved Manolo did the shoes, well, that was the icing on the already big pink sugary cupcake.

Not ot be outdone (although a bit late, perhaps?) Mnsr. Louboutin has partnered with Jean-Francois Lesage of the famed French embroidery house Lesage to create a very limited shoe inspired by the queen.

Look at the front of the ankle strap - it is Marie with her hair styled with a ship at full sail.

These are striking shoes and they should be with two artists working to create them.

I love the yellow and blue but my heart is lost to the pink, of course.

There will only be 36 pairs of the shoes made, and each pair will come in a specially created box. They will only be made in pink, yellow and blue.

Oh, yes, and they are $6,295.

But is that too much to pay for true art? I think not!

You can see them in person to get the full effect: on February 23rd these little treasures and the maestro behind them will be at the Christian Louboutin South Coast Plaza boutique and on February 26th they'll land in New York City, at the Madison Avenue boutique.

- with Glamour


ashe mischief said...

I think the pink seem more a true testament to the color palette of the era, where the blue and yellow seem to invoke Coppolla's 80s influence on the film.

But they certainly ARE breathtaking.

Birdie! said...

I just went all lightheaded over the pink! *swoon!*

At that price tag, I'd have a little shelf made for them and gently put them on display... haha!


Market Publique said...

amazing! true geniuses collaborating! I wish I had tons of money so I could buy one of each!

jennine said...

ooh they are like fabrige eggs for your feet! totally sensible.

painter girl said...

I love these shoes! Definitely worth every penny. Ohhhh.....to win the lottery.

tanya said...

ah yes, these shoes are pure madness and bliss rolled into one. They belong in a glass case--I'm going gaga over the blush pink version :-)

Robo said...

Aw nuts, I'm goint to be in Australia on the 26th, otherwise South Coast Plaza is right by my office!! The shoes are amazing...although I'm not so keen on the wig part on the ankle strap. Still gorgeous anyway.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

wow, these are just....unreal. I better start saving! x

WendyB said...

I have a Marie Antoinette ring and it's twice as much as the shoes. So think of the shoes as a bargain.

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

They are all gorgeous, I think the pink are my favourite though. Crazy pricetag, but well worth it I think.

ps - our blog names are very similar!