Saturday, February 21, 2009

Proceed with Caution

I just happened to be looking around the internets in search of a certain pair of Louboutins (don't glare at me like that I was just looking... I promise!) when I came upon this site called CLSell. I'm assuming that stands for Christian Louboutin sell because that is what they are claiming to sell.

I say "claiming" because these shoes look nothing like real Louboutins to me.

And it wasn't just the under $200 price tags that tipped me off either. Yes, that's right, they are selling these shoes for around $150 - $170. Which is absurd. Even sellers on eBay don't sell Louboutins, even used ones, for that little.

The site was also very poorly written with some suspect language (we're talking poorly translated to English) and the names of the shoes are even wrong in some cases. But what jumped out at me immediately was the poor quality of these obvious imitators. I won't even give them the benefit of calling them knock-offs.

Two obvious examples are a pair of Anemone and a pair Bling Bling peep-toes.

I just look at the pair above versus the real pair below and the materials are so obviously different and what is that under the heel?

The differences are even more apparent with the Anemones. The shape of the top pair is very different, the ribbons are crap and I'm pretty sure these never came in this icky pink and white.

I guess if you really want the look, find the shoe too trendy or too pricey to buy the original these are a way to go. Personally I would bet they are poorly constructed, have lost subtle but essential design details that give the originals their elegance and will probably hurt your feet and only be worn once.
Save your money.


Miss_C said...

Does that come with a free Rolex?

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Ha, look at the state of those! So poorly constructed. Definitely not worth "investing" in x

Shoeaholic said...

omg... and i thought my DIY anemones were desperate! definitely NOT worth paying for!