Monday, February 23, 2009

Donning the Purple

I was looking back on some older posts and realized I went through a bit of a grey suede phase there and then I was all over blue satin too. I think I just get a color stuck in my head and fall in love with it, obsessively search it out and can't get enough.

Now I'm in love with purple/lavender/violet/fuschia heels. Not pink, because lord knows I have tons of pink (not that I'd turn more down! And, OMG! That list is from '97 and I know I have even more now!) And I realized, I don't think I have any shoes that are purple. I do have some with purple in them but no purple, no lavender, nothing!

Can that really be true? So instead of opening up every shoe box to be sure, maybe I should just get some... ya know... just in case.


I am currently smitten by all of these. I love the Sedaraby shape. It's a gorgeous shoe.

But do I prefer Raspberry, above, or Purple? Do I love the Raspberry one because the color is called Raspberry? Is it too close in color to my Guess Pyramid heels? Maybe I should just start with Purple and then figure out a way to get the Raspberry too. Oh and did I mention I'd love to have these in white?

I know I wrote about these before, but, I still can't get them out of my mind. Dammit!

And now these. I adore these Viva Lolo heels. They're so adorable and have such a classy shape. The color is so unique. WANT!

I am also seeing a growing obsession for deep peacock teal shoes too. I must be stopped!


ashe mischief said...

I am SO in love with the Raspberry Sedaraby's. I've always wanted the infamous silver ones, but I actually think that I prefer the Raspberry. Maybe because it feels more me, and Carrie would approve of that, no?

And the lavender Louboutins are so pretty. They're really growing on me.

auntkitten said...

Love all these colors, especially with your skin tone. Springtime is coming! Hurray.

I am currently on the hunt for an interesting pair of everyday black pumps for the office and would welcome any suggestions or your expert opinion.

WendyB said...

My flower feet have purple in them :-)

tanya said...

what a gorgeous eye candy--I love these hues!

LightStealer said...

The Sedarabys are one of the best shape I've ever seen in shoes, so of course they look great anyway, but...

I have to confess I really, really don't like pink as a colour (yes, I know, but what can I do?!), so the choice would be much easier for me! ;)

I think purple is glam and it goes with peacock and black and hints of gold AND silver - all together :P

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

those raspberry ones are x

CG said...

In love with the purple sedarabys. My favourite colour <3 If only i'd found this while they were still available.... :(

Also love the viva lolos... You have great taste. We could be shoe twins you know! :)