Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who's to Blame?

This is how I get myself in trouble. I was innocently looking up a link to my star tights from Joy of Socks and then I saw these tights...

And I was instantly in love with them and their colors. I start mentally thinking of shoes and outfits and decide I MUST HAVE purple/fuschia shoes.

All I was doing was looking at some inexpensive tights and I get all worked up over regal heels!

If I do get these tights and I somehow find and justify my favorite pair from the previous post (the Viva Lolo Louboutins), this is how I want to wear them together...

Floral Tights & Viva Lolos
Floral Tights & Viva Lolos - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

Bright flashy candy color... oh, and I need that skirt too!


tanya said...

that skirt is delicious! I love how you paired it with brights :-)

ashe mischief said...

OHhhhh. Those tights remind me of this GORGEOUS pair of perforated Mary Janes that were purple suede that Victoria's Secret had by Hale Bob. I was crushed when I saw they didn't have them anymore.

You would have loved them, and I think we both need them.

Nemtynakht said...

Do be careful with the floral tights, in particular. I went through a phase of really loving patterned tights, and I quickly discovered that floral tights (in particular) can not only make your legs look awkwardly short, but also from a distance can frequently look like skin disease!

Samantha Darko said...

I love the cools in the tights and how they make me think of other clothes that color and the fabulous "Pop!" effect that they have.

The tights themself remind me however of something I once saw "Kimmy Gibbler" where with cuffed denim shorts on "Full House". Sorry

Princess Poochie said...


You could be totally right. But in theory, I love the colors... putting them on may be a whole other story!

; )