Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

This Spring weather has me crazy. On Tuesday it was gorgeous and a wore a girlie skirt and these peachy suede Guiseppe Zanotti heels.

Then yesterday (and today and into the weekend) it's crummy and rainy and cold. I wore black and grey and I'm wearing black and grey again today!

Yesterday I wore my new Wet Seal strappy booties in black. I'll have to wear the white ones soon because I luv them. So cool. I wore them with latex-y leggings from Twelve by Twelve, a black mini-skirt, cami and my delia's rugby stripe boyfriend cardigan.

3-25-09 - by Princess Poochie on

I think this was a bit out there for the work folks but don't know why? I was all covered up... it was just the materials that "surprise" them I think.


Today is much less interesting. It's rainy and my feet are cold so I'm wearing my snuggly wellies. but I do have on cute Hansel from Basel knee-patch thigh-highs!

3-26-09 - by Princess Poochie on

Maybe the sun will come out so I can wear some darn color!


Birdie! said...

Those Wet Seal booties are très cute!

Marie said...

I really love those booties! I wonder if they are comfy! I remember I liked the white ones. Ooooh la la!

jennine said...

yes, the booties are adorable!
you are brave to wear them with no socks. i'm going out in opentoe booties soon.. maybe...

Sarah Von said...

Those knee-patchy tights are adorable! Perfect for spring and summer, eh?

Alva said...

Wuaw that shoes are beautiful, I love the black leggins, are hot!! you look pretty!!!

Alva said...

Hi Poochie
That shoes are hot. I think that we have find beautiful shoes for excelent price!! well done!!!
You look pretty!!!

I have a question, how do you storage you shoes? in its boxes?


Cal said...

i LOVE those booties. the pictures with the black pavement and white line are great, too...
oh! i tweeted a video earlier today that i thought you would like but i don't think you follow me so you probably didn't see it? check it out when you get a is the baby monkey one :) i am @sidenotecal

Princess Poochie said...

Marie - I wouldn't say there were the most comfortable of shoes because the architecture isn't great and they feel very high. But I also sit down most of the day so....

Jennine - Luckily I don't have to be outside too much. I might wear the off-white ones with colored tights soon thought.

Alva - I keep all of my shoes in shoe boxes. Otherwise I couldn't stack!

Cal - that monkey was adorable!

Thank you all!

: )

lisa said...

Love the booties! I'm glad you decided to get them in both colours.

WendyB said...

Whoa, hot shoes!

painter girl said...

Those shoes look fab-u-lous on you!
And the pictures are really dynamic.
I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you walked in to work.
Your amazing fashion sense must keep them on their toes.

SEBBYWOOD;; said...

I simply LOVE these boots. I want to be a woman now now now now now.

Milly said...

Shoes are sooo cute....are they comfy?