Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making Waves

Back when Victoria's Secret used to have somewhat decent clothes and cool sexy but not totally trampy shoes, I got these Colin Stuart boots. What's funny is that I think they are totally tame just with a really interesting detail...

But back when I worked for a certain corporation that had a "Look Book" these were considered "crazy!"


Because while the front half of the boot is a simple black knee-high boot, the back half is a pale suede with criss-crossing black straps.

I think from farther away it looks like the boot is completely open in the back and that the straps might be lacing up my legs (Yes, I am totally pale enough that this could be considered a feasible scenario. And yes, I might be crazy enough to wear boots like that to work... maybe...).

Inevitably when I wear these, and they are not my "everyday" black boots, I will get a startled question about if they are tied up the back. At this certain corporation I even was asked if they followed the dress code guidelines.

They did. And I would know because I pushed those boundaries almost everyday and carried around a copy of the code about shoes. Funny aside: when I started there you HAD to wear pantyhose (and this is in FL, people!) and you couldn't wear shoes like mules or open-toe shoes, but you could wear slingbacks. Then they loosened up the restrictions a bit. You could wear mules and open toe shoes and sandals but you still had to wear hose. We're not talking cute funky tights and heels, we're talking "flesh-tone" pantyhose with sandals.


Anyhow, these definitely make people take a second look, if only to try and figure them out. I love the color of the suede and luckily haven't marked the heels up or anything. Knock on wood.

I think I've had these about 5 or 6 years now. I <3>

Since they are a bit flashy I tend to wear simple outfits with them. We're not talking hot pants and spandex or anything. Usually a streamlined skirt and top.
Oh, the rule that I had to be sure I was complying with: the tops of your boots had to be covered by the bottom hem of your skirt. No, I'm not kidding.
I think I may have been off of that an inch or so.... ; )


Marie said...

I LOVE THEM! I totally thought they were your legs at first glance. Hehe

PinkBow said...

the 2 tone gives them that chanel vibe xoxo

Samantha Darko said...

Those are extremely hot boots! Oh and you have inspired a collage piece I am doing on architecture and shoes. I will give it to you when I finish, if you like it.

lisa said...

Amazing boots!

jennine said...

these bootes are aweseome, and totally in the mood i've been in lately. good catch!

WendyB said...

Love them! Very Alexandra Neel.

Princess Poochie said...

I would LOVE to see your project!