Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing at Packing

So rather than being actually productive doing work... or even catching up on my reading (or sleeping which is what I really need to do), I rather plan my outfits for my trip to New York. The fact that said trip is over 2 months away and I have no idea what I will be doing yet is neither here nor there.

When I pack I usually make a list and build outfits around it to narrow it down. Maybe I'll just start doing that through Polyvore rather than standing in front of my closets and armoire with a notepad.

Outfit 1 - Cupcake in the Park Party

NYC Outfit Option 1
NYC Outfit Option 1 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

I want to be able to walk around but be cute and colorful too. Sassy skirt with Victorian-inspired ruffles combined with Steampunky Ann D. boots and a cute Stella Neptune tee.

Outfit 2 - Trolling the Shops and Museum

NYC Outfit Option 2
NYC Outfit Option 2 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

Will mid-May be warm? I'm not sure but I want to have some thing that is at least comfortable for hitting some of the nice shops and maybe a museum. I love my denim skirt and JCrew tee with the sequin placket. I have these in like 5 colors. Yes, the boots are totally impractical... what of it?

Outfit 3 - Time for Tea

NYC Outfit Option 3
NYC Outfit Option 3 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

I've gone to an afternoon tea in almost every place I've travelled. Why haven't I had the opportunity to go in New York. I'm hoping to meet up with some of my fellow bloggers too! Anyone up for tea???

Outfit 4 - St. Germains at the Boathouse

NYC Outfit Option 4
NYC Outfit Option 4 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

You can tell I'm starting to get into trouble now... I'm obviously going to have to narrow down my accessory options before I pack! Since I've been wearing nothing but grey for days, I'm really craving color. Pink! Green! Lavender! Fresh whites with Chinese paper fans and vintage wicker basket purses. Sipping Kirs and St. Germains at the boathouse on a cool spring afternoon.

Outfit 5 - Dinner and Drinks

NYC Outfit Option 5
NYC Outfit Option 5 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

Still lingering elements of my purple craving... but with a bit of shine and silver. I don't think I'd be totally this matchy-matchy, but I'd love to bring my feather cape and wear it with the silver mini skirt and dark purple accents. Dreamy!

Outfit 6 - Brunch

NYC Outfit Option 6
NYC Outfit Option 6 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

Yes, I may be craving warm weather... a Swiss dotted dress, fantastic heels, a feathery cape and headband along with a "P" for Poochie. A monochromatic dream to wear with a backdrop of saturated colors. I promise to pick only one of these pairs of shoes to wear with it. No shoe wardrobe changes!

Outfit 7 - Take Me Dancing

NYC Outfit Option 7
NYC Outfit Option 7 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

If I get to meet up with some of my fabulous fellow bloggers, I'm going to need to get a little shiny and sparkly. Sequins or shiny leggings? Tall platform peep-toes or strappy sandals? Not sure yet but I know I want a pile of bracelets to catch the light!

Outfit 8 - All over Town

NYC Outfit Option 8
NYC Outfit Option 8 - by Princess Poochie on Polyvore.com

Okay, I guess I'm not done with grey quite yet. And really I just want it as a sort of neutral backdrop so I can wear the white and green driving gloves I got last year in New York. Something comfy and denim on the bottom, flat shoes for walking (finally something practical looking! But more likely driving mocs than the topsiders) and my grey Kapow Wow neck ruffle for a fun element.

Sadly, this is just a start. I still want to plan more, more, MORE! OMG!

I know there an element of fantasy life here. The fantasy being that I can fit anywhere near all of this into a pilot case.

Dear lord, save me from myself.


Robo said...

Who cares if the trip is two months away, forearmed is forewarned! Or some other apropos statement about being prepared. You've put some great outfits together, and you'll definitely take New York by storm.

I'm going to the UK and probably other parts of Europe in June, but I'm planning to shop there rather than pack for it. Hopefully I'll have lost enough weight to "justify" the spree :)

Do you have the YSL cage boots? If so, omg awesome.

painter girl said...

You are truly going to be one Hot Mama!
Try to get some of your bloggers to take pics of your outfits so we can all see how they come together. Love the feather cape and those knee high boots are to die for.

lisa said...

Great collages! I love the sense of fun and whimsy in your style.

Dorie said...

OMG Poochie did you get the YSL boots? All previous shoe envy I have suffered by seeing your fabulous collection is blown away by that knowlege. I have been walking by the store display window just to drool over them. (I'm in NYC). Sigh.

Princess Poochie said...

Re: YSL boots - They are on back-order so let's see if they actually arrive and if I keep them.

Wanting to give them a chance! They are awesome!


Katie said...

i covet everything in your closet- gorgeous!!

Polgarra said...

I love the graphic tights in looks 3 (Tea) and the left most shoes in 6. In face I need to know where to get both of them. Gah, I swore "No more shoes' but I shall be hunting both of these items down. (I assume there are hidden somewhere onyour blog already)

Princess Poochie said...

I'll have to search up where I got the tights from but the shoes you are asking about I haven't bought yet (doh!) They are Pour La Victoire Women's Ophelie Mary Jane and available in a few places now.


la petite fashionista said...

as i like to think its better to plan ahead :) i love the dinner and drinks outfit best!

i think I need to do this before I study abroad this summer (one suitcase? 5 weeks? this will be a challenge)

tanya said...

dear lord, you've been busy! I started counting which ones I liked but by the time I got down to the bottom, I pretty much decided I love them all :-) great styling, darling!