Monday, March 9, 2009

Picture Perfect... and Pink!

As I've done more with the sites here I've been wanting to upgrade my technology. I swear, it's not just that I like new gadgets... it's for valuable work reasons! And since I don't work on a MAC and have been wanting to do more video, I decided I needed a recorder of some kind. I've had my eye on a Flip for a while now and thought, with the upcoming trip to NYC, that now would be a good time to get it.

There are 4 levels of camera you can get but I ended up getting the Flip Mino. It has great quality, plenty of storage, and just as important... you can customize it!

Not only do they have cute colors and a huge amount of designs, a pattern generator or you can use any image and have it added to create a true one-of-a-kind look.

Guess which route I took?

First I was looking at the pink and Hello Kitty designs but then I saw you could upload a unique picture for no additional cost! I decided on adorably delicious, pink macarons for mine.

How adorable is this? Well, in person it's even more adorable because it is teeny tiny! I need to take picture of it for scale. But it's smaller than my iPhone or iPod and lighter too. Which is great because I now will be carrying around 5 or 6 different electronic devices in my bag!

It's also amazingly simple to use - just turn it on and record. Using the simple touch screen, you can zoom in and out, delete videos right on the spot. And then when you plug it into the usb, you can edit, create stills and save to YouTube, AOL, for emailing, etc.

It took less than a week to arrive and I also added on the extended warranty (since I'm going to carry this around in my purse everyday) and bought the pack of usb cables so I can have one in my cord case, one at work and one at home. If you want to get really fancy, you can get a flexible tripod or even an action mount.

So, it's simple, pretty inexpensive and adorable. But does it take good video? I say yes! I res'd this down to the emailable level and it still looks great. When you look at it at the standard level it is even better.

By the way, this is my pup and he was with me at the office together having, obviously, too much fun!

Now, I can't wait to get to NYC so I can shoot a ton more footage.



jennine said...


Vixel said...

I keep seeing these and wanting one, even though I never do video posts! I think I'm going to try and gain some confidence in front of a webcam before I invest, but your post has certainly made me want one even more!

ashe mischief said...

Bean is such a little ham!
I'm glad you did the post on yours... I kept seeing people talk about them, but had no idea what it actually was (and forgot to look it up). What a fun idea! Now I covet one...

Tracie said...

that is awesome! and I absolutely love the picture you chose to put on it.

I just discovered your blog and I've wasted more time reading it at work than I would like to admit! Could you send me an invite to gilt as well?


Princess Poochie said...

Sure Tracie.. Send me you email address!

tanya said...

how adorable--lovely :-)

fashion herald said...

your dog is adorable, i love his hairdo (fur) and the rolling around for attention!