Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feeling Crushed

Lily's Smile via Flickr by Laurent Orseau

In this day and age relationships can be tricky, especially when we are talking about work-related relationships. Sexual harassment and hostile work environments are beyond bad. It's my hope that no one has to go through that, no matter their age, gender, race, religion or orientation.

But I also think some harmless mutually accepted flirting can be fun... and good for your work life.

Think about it. You spend a whole lot of time at work, hopefully with people you like and respect. You've got men and women, stress and silliness. People who have common interests and common stories. You are bound to develop a crush.

I fully admit that I fall into crushes all the time. In fact, I can't think of a job or a time that I've been at that I haven't had a crush... or two. I'm not talking desperate silent crushes. I get crushes on people that I think are cute, smart, witty, nerdy, cocky, obnoxious, you name it. And I'm not great about keeping it secret either.

I openly admire them. I make oblique flirty comments. I bat my eyes and am very happy to see them. In fact, if I work with you, I may have a crush on you RIGHT NOW!

So why is this good for work?

Well, it makes it a whole lot easier to go to the office. I look forward to spending time with these people. And I work in a pretty high stress field with lots of deadlines. A bit of flirty fun makes getting through crap much more bearable.

Crushes get you happy. There's a bounce in your step. You want to look your best and your brightest. You shimmer and shine. You feel great and you make the other person feel great too.

I fully endorse crushing.

Get on it!

This message brought to you via the fact that I got to spend lots o'time with one my my major crushes last week. Le sigh!


WendyB said...

I'll flirt with anyone. Men, women, babies. Inanimate objects even. MrB is used to it. He knows that God wouldn't have given me eyelashes if I wasn't meant to bat them.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Having a crush is always so exciting! Great post x

Misty2k said...

Oh I totally agree, though I do try to be monogamous with my crushes. I like to know exactly who it is I am not going out with.

I also love the networking aspect of taking the step from crushing on someone you know only as "The blonde with the pencil skirt and heels that say there is more going on in the bedroom" to "The blonde from Marketing" all the way to "Sarah".

I do have pros and cons though.

Pros: I am gutsy enough to start a conversation with "Sorry, but I love those shoes, where did you get them", plus as I am lesbian, it's a great way to hit on a girl without it seeming that way.

Cons: And forgive the stereotyping, but I know my subject matter from the inside out, the girls I crush on are usually the hot, smartly dressed, crisp skirted, high-heeled type who are 99% of the time straight.

Oh, the life of a lipstick lesbian in a office girl world is not a bed of roses.

D x