Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Across A Crowded Room

I was randomly drawn to Target today. I know, it's evil. I should never step foot in there but, like any craving, it could not be denied!

I was browsing slowly through the racks of summer items that were crammed in next to the clearance racks filled with questionable winter pieces, when I saw this shiny sleeve peeking out from behind a over-filled display of dresses.

When I pulled it out, I found this - a glossy white hooded trench. Never even tried on!

There was only one there, and even though there wasn't a tag so I didn't know how much it was, I had to have it. It's hard to tell from the shots but this baby is so fun. With a dark navy lining, big front pockets, a collar made to be turned up mysteriously and lots of silver snaps.

Yeah, I'm kind of in love!

Even better, it was on sale - just $28!
And you can get one too, because I tracked it down. It's an online only piece so you'll have to go on and order your own.
I see all sorts of possibilities with this. Slick for spring, a great stand-out color in the fall and maybe fun for "playtime" too.
; )


The Mighty J said...

Love it! Awesome buy. I wish Target would hurry up and open a store here.

lisa said...

Nice find! I love how there's a hood in the back...hehe so fun.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

bargain! x

WendyB said...

Can't beat that price.