Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I don't think it's fair that I go on Net-a-Porter to look wistfully at lovely things and then get visually assaulted by hideousness (btw, I love that my spellchecker has that word in it).

If you like these, I'm sorry. I mean it. I'm really sorry for you. These are just ick. Or maybe I should be sorry for me because I am so mentally limited that I can't see how these are good. Either way.

I've seen these Sergio Rossi boots for a while now. They just will not get off the site. Okay, some of the sizes are sold out. And these things are $1500. I don't know, I'm not a fan.

I'm not a huge fan of cowboy boots of any kind and I really don't like these. Givenchy, who are you trying to appeal to with this mess?

Is is just me or does anyone else think Luke Skywalker? Anyone? Anyone? You have to look at the outfit image they paired these Brian Atwood boots with on N-a-P. Even with all the fabulous clothes they have these still look horrible. Total FAIL.

But hey! They come in blue too!

The good thing is that all of this is making me slightly queasy so I quickly fled the site and didn't want to buy anything.

Yeah, aversion therapy!


TotusMel said...

Eww is right, those are truly hideous and it's is shocking that there is anyone who not only likes them, but would pay that much for them.

Dorie said...

Oh my GOD Poochie you were dead on with Luke Skywalker on those last ones. Ick, these are all truly representative of the Dark Side. (I had to go there)

Samantha Darko said...

My mom wears Hot cowboy boots, but she also leaves the cowboy boots to the really western boot makers. She goes to Texas to get new boots, and they are supple leathers and suedes. Colored in black, brown and butter cream, like they should be. Every pair of designer cowboy boots I have every seen looks farcicle.
Specialized outdoors boots should be left to the specialists.

The Mighty J said...

Those are just fugly!

Polgarra said...

The first pair looks like high heeled rainboots.