Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

Each day is a new change in the weather around here. I feel like my wardrobe is schizophrenic.

On Earth day, I wore a khaki pencil skirt with a white cami but then had to add a corduroy blazer over it.

4-22-09 by Princess Poochie on

But, it's Spring darn it! I want to wear some sandals! These Nine West heels are a bit chunky and a bit safari-ish, so I felt they weren't too light an airy, so it was okay.

Are you having as much trouble as I am bridging this crazy weather transition. My heart says "Spring!" by the wind says, "Hey! It's still Winter!"


Dorie said...

I know! Up here in NYC, it was 70 and sunny over the weekend, then cold and rainy this week. When is Spring just gonna arrive?? Also, what are those gorgeous shoes? I love them.

Oh, P.S. I was one of the commentors on the blog post you did on reasons you are great, and I know you wanted a list in return. I did mine on my blog, check it out if you have a sec and are so inclined :)

Princess Poochie said...

Hi Dorie!

Thank you.. they are actually Nine West Eriley style from last year. Not sure if they still have them around, but you never know!