Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's So Great About You?

Image via hel (taffie) via Flickr

In the wake of all of the negativity trolling around and the general feeling of meh-ness, I put on my headphones, grabbed my pup and be-bopped around the park down the street. I also watched the video of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent and decided, you know what? People fricking rock! Okay, yeah, not everyon but generally, they do. Including me. Including most of the people I know and talk to, in person and online.

I want to feature everyone I know on here because I think you are cool. And yes, I mean you! If you don't tell me why, I'm going to write something about you myself. So either email your list and a picture to me to be featured or I'll come track you down!

Here's me:

* I'm willing to eat desset.

* I'll laugh unabashedly at silly things.

* I care about people, animals and volunteering.

* I embrace my crazy.

* I can laugh at myself and I'll let you tell that high-larious but embarassing story about me. Heck I may even tell it myself.

* I don't shy away from wearing bowling shoes.

* I'm willing to get dirty.

* I like my scars.

* I cry at sappy videos.

* I still read kids books.

* I can admit when other girls are hot.

* Bugs and spiders and snakes don't scare me.

* I think wit and smarts and talent are sexy.

* I like Star Trek: TNG and Star Wars.

* I can do stuff by myself.

* I like to treat.

* I'm a cynical boitch... But in a good way.

* I'll totally tell you where I got that cute skirt if you want to get one too.

* I'm a fantastic baker.

* I'll clean up the dog poop or cat barf.

* I'll share the armrest.

* I want to learn more about YOU!

Come on, Sparkler, Spill it!


Ashe Mischief said...

This list made me so happy to read, bijoux!

Dorie said...

Wow you're list is like the perfect description of everyone's "wish they had" best girlfriend!!

Samantha Darko said...

That is Rad! That's rightI love to say Rad!

Princess Poochie said...

If you've read this and especially if you've commented, I fully expect your list in my email inbox!


Robo said...

Bravo and well done, yo :)

WendyB said...

If you will clean up dog barf, I will ask you to move in with me. There's plenty of that to go around here.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Poochie, you are just awesome! And you're so right, the Susan Boyle story is very inspiring.

Keep being brilliant!


M-L-E said...

and you forgot to add, "some of the snappiest outfits this side of the mississippi"..
our office could use some of that sunshine again. ;-)
great post! ;[)

Thursday's Child said...

You totally sound like the kind of girl I wish I knew in real life, and I'm totally in awe of your dog poop/cat barf skillz. I totally cannot do that - I'm a sympathetic vomiter.