Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not taking NO for an answer

I love shoes with glitter, but amazingly, I don't own many glittery shoes! Ever since "The One That Got Away", I've been a bit traumatized, especially about red glitter heels.

But then I opened an email from Neiman Marcus and saw these:

Louboutin platform peep-toes in deep glittery red. Oh My!

They are truly delicious and I am a sucker for a red heel but then... then I saw this:

Deep marine blue glitter. More unusual than red and I've already proven that I adore blue heels. So this... this may be more irresistible than the red.

There was just one problem. While I got the email on Monday about these being a part of the Fall Pre-order (not shipping until at least July!) there were NO MORE blues in my size.

Now these are full priced Louboutins. They sold out on these in 12 hours?

Well, yes they did... because they ONLY ORDERED A SINGLE PAIR in that size! Yes, for the entire US website shoppers (maybe even anywhere NeimanMarcus.com ships, worldwide?) they only had a single pair in 35.5.

Are ya kidding me? Isn't that totally ridiculous?

At this point I was a little incensed so I decided I needed to speak to the buyers about this. After calling around the corporate office I got a hold of the online buyer and she confirmed that, yes, this is typical. No wonder my size sells out so fast! And worse, this shoe was only for online... would not be in stores... so I was probably totally out of luck.


Now I have to have these darn shoes. It's the principle of the thing, right?

Anyway, I have this buyer trying to order me a pair. If she does good I will let you know. If not, I will be very very cranky and I'm sure you'll hear all about it.

Neiman Marcus... will you come through??? And, P.S. start stocking more in the "fringe" sizes. I'm sure there is more than one of us out there!


Misty2k said...

I'd say that 9 times out of 10 when I see a fashion shoot that really makes me say "I love those shoes", the are Louboutin. As Tweeted, no-one does heel shapes better.

I've got 3 glittery pairs in my collection. 2 are gold (1 pair are display purposes only) and one red.

Best of luck getting your size. I'm a UK size 8 to 9 depending on maker which is right at the top end of standard size range. That's the downside of being 5'10" tall!

D x

jinnan-tonnyx said...

I hope you find them!

la petite fashionista said...

Oh wow, i love these! they look like a grown up pair of my favorite "dorothy" shoes I used to wear when I was little!

LightStealer said...

One pair?! That's just ridicolous..!

Btw, the blue ones would really suit you...but I probably shouldn't stress that - should I? :P

ashe mischief said...

While the red is nice, you're right that the navy is spectacular. It reminds me of the night sky.

Also, wtf, Neiman? I can understand carrying fewer in the fringe sizes than say 7,8,9s. But ONE PAIR? SERIOUSLY? Especially given how many celebs have tiny feet, they could certainly sell more than that...

elledee said...

I bought these in marine as soon as I got the email! But in 7.5, not 5.5 so you don't have to hate me forever!


Anonymous said...

FYI, if you're interested... Christian Louboutin online SAMPLE SALE starts on Wedneday, 4/8/09 at 12noon.
Register to shop: http://www.gilt.com/invite/swag

M-L-E said...

when there's a will there's a way.! ;-)

did you happen to get the magical art deco shoes to fit better? they too are glitery and beautiful.

The Mighty J said...

Thanks for making me misrable! Me needs these *sniffles*

WendyB said...

Wow -- they have as little inventory as I do! I love the red and the blue, so hard to pick!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I love those too! I want the silver ones! I wish they came in a pump instead of a slingback though. Le sigh. Good luck!


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Wow, those shoes are ever so dreamy...x

Cafe Fashionista said...

The Louboutin platform peep-toes in deep glittery red are like a grown-up version of Dorothy's footwear in The Wizard of Oz. I want them too!

Glittergrl said...

I love those in every color and any color!!! Louboutin is amazing! I want all his shoes!!!!