Thursday, April 2, 2009


I didn't like the moldy wedge look the first time around, even when it was done my YSL.

I certainly don't like it any better done in cheaper materials by BCBG.

But, oddly, I do kind of like the look of black on the toe cap over the cork. Is it because the shoe is a more elegant shape? Not sure.

Not that I'm getting any of them....Blah!


SEBBYWOOD;; said...

You said: "Eeeewwww!!!!"

I say: "Eeeewwww!!!!!!!1111!11!"

WendyB said...

I do like that last one.

painter girl said...

I'm with you. The first one is really unappealing. That green is ucky. I can't think of anything but slime.
I agree with you about the third one. It doesn't bother me and is actually cute.

Messy said...

Oh, thank you! What makes designers think they can just cop out with ugly cork platforms?
Many a good shoe has been ruined in this way!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I agree, the last ones are wearable. Just x

eewyuck said...

we say EEWYUCK!