Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Destruction before Construction

It's a known fact that you have to make a bigger mess and pull everything out before you can put it all away, neat and tidy.

That's how I'm feeling right now.

I don't know if it's the month of February or what, but I'm feeling like things are crashing down on me right now. Maybe it's because I'm not feeling so great these last few days. Or all the cold wet weather keeping us stuck in the house. Or nervousness/anticipation of travelling next week.

I love going to New York but it feels very hectic. The weather is throwing me and may packing capabilities off-balance. I grew up in Florida. I'm still learning how to dress for colder weather. And combining that with a desire to look nice, not take a million suitcases and having to hand carry my camera, computer, purse and shoes.... well, it seems to be a recipe for disaster more than fun.

I'm trying to balance the trip prep with my work prep. My work offline does not stop or even slow down just because I'm out of town. Not in the slightest. So I need to be able to cover that while covering what I'm spending a good chunk of change to come to NYC to see.

Combine all this with knowing I'm ditching the hubby with all the pets and house duties and other everyday concerns, I'm stressing.

Oh yeah, and I'm not thrilling to my new haircut from last week.

I'm sure it will be good when I'm there (I hope... please let's minimize the rain, okay?) and I'll probably be too busy to fret but right now I'm in a frenzy and can't concentrate.

Who has some great tips on how to calm down, focus and pack to dress cute in cold rainy weather!

I fee like a big mess so any thoughts are appreciated!



Michelle said...

I hope you feel better...winter doldrums SUCK.

Anonymous said...

awww poochie. These things always take their toll at this time of year. Dont think of dressing for the weather but rather finding an excuse for a whole new wardrobe. And once your in NC you'll be having fun, jest get to hotel and offload all ur stuff there and youll forget about it. And leaving hubby behind just gives you reason to miss him..the only think better than having someone to miss is coming home to them again..

beryl said...

you'll be fine, don't stress! tights, boots, sweater dresses, layering.. scarves! winter is one of my fav seasons in terms of styling :)

leanne pizio said...

Hey Poochie!
Don't stress. You are going to have so much fun. I agree with anonymous, just get to the hotel, drop your stuff, and go get you a glass of champagne. I may have just the thing for you to take with you to keep you warm. Call me and I'll bring it up this weekend. Maybe we can have a cup of tea...