Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey, Sparkler! What's So Great About You?

We haven't had a Sparkler in for-ev-AH! Well it's Sparkler time again NOW!

And who is my latest sparkly Sparkler??? None other than Miss Queen Gilda herself!

Who is this adorable girl?!? Well not only is she cute as heck, smart and funny but she is a talented up-and-coming designer currently finishing her training at Parson. And look at her amazing work:

Gilda is currently living in NYC and has been busy drawing, sewing and even interning with Pat Fields.

But don't just listen to me run on about how great she is, here are her thoughts on what makes her so great!

This list has turned into a "list some really bad things about yourself that you don't exactly want people to know."

1. I've lived away from home for 6 years now and I'd like to think I've matured a little. the first time i ever did my own laundry, I couldn't figure out the washing machine and its Japanese instructions (i couldn't speak the language then), and thought the tap wasn't turned on. so I pulled the hose out. 3 seconds later I had a flood in my tiny Tokyo apartment. It was not pretty.

2. My worst habit is cracking my knuckles all the time... I don't just crack my fingers and toes, i crack like, everything. The knuckles on my fingers and toes all crack in several different ways. then there's my neck, my back, my knees, my left wrist, and some other weird bones in my pelvic and feet but I don't want to gross you out further. I try to take more vitamin d thinking it will help stave off osteoporosis when I get older!

3. I am a night owl. I do my best work from midnight to 7am. I hate mornings and can never get up.

4. I've been spoilt and have always lived really near to the downtown area. so I always think I'll get to where i want to go in a flash, and end up late all the time. oops.

5. Speaking of late, in Singapore, my friends and I are awful. Everyone is just late. we set a time to meet but if we're held up somewhere, we'll just text each other and no one gets really offended. it's like "I'll see you when i see you". in fact, it's your own fault if you are early. ha ha!

6. I think I do have quite an interesting closet. I dress myself depending on my mood each day, so it can be simple, preppy, colourful, monotone, or really crazy, (or dead boring if I'm late), and I have clothes for all those moods.

7. I am really into quirky, unique clothing and accessories. I especially love huge necklaces and I am a jacket addict. I've designed and made about 7 of my own jackets and have about 20 winter jackets and coats.

8. I hate summer. maybe because I grew up in Singapore and complained about the heat for 20 years before I moved away. I don't spend money on summer clothes so I never have anything nice to wear in summer. What's the point of spending too much if I'm just gonna be sweating like a pig in what I'm wearing?

9. Even though my roots have now grown out about an inch, I still have strangers stopping me to ask how I get my ash blond. it amuses me. My teacher at parsons stopped me in the middle of a really serious critique to say how she thinks it's funny that I'm Asian but somehow the blond works on me. Hey girl hey!

10. I'm obsessed with japan and excluding the 3.5 years I lived in Tokyo, I've visited japan at least 10 times. the shortest trip was about 5 days, the longest was 6 weeks! I love that country and want to go back there one day to live and work.

11. I live in my hammer pants. I don't care if people think my crotch is at my knees. They are comfy and hide my thighs and my huge butt (at least i think so!)

12. I've moved to the USA 2 years ago and there are still so many cultural things that I'm not used to. I always thought I was very westernized, growing up in metropolitan Singapore. Until I moved here and realized there are parts of the American culture that still shocks me, and that I have somehow grown to appreciate the Asian in me more than ever!

Thank you for asking me to do this Sparkler thing! it's fun to sort of sit down and think weird things of myself, lol.

Okay... who's next?!? Come on, Sparkler, Spill it!


WendyB said...

I heart Gilda...and I have noticed her up all night on Twitter!

queengilda said...

OHHHHH thanks for this!!! reading back on it, i think i'm ridic! haha!