Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Week Bingo

Snow, people... SNNOOOOWWWWW!!!!

I'm not happy about it.

I learned last year you don't have to dress up for the tents so, whew! But you know there's going to be those people that attempt to look "fashionable" rather than warm. So I'm going to play Fashion Week Bingo.

There's a few versions I found online here and here. Mine includes:

- Slipping on ice

- Pouting because shoes are ruined in the snow

- Broken heel

- Limping

- Drippy hair

- Inside out umbrella

- Fight over a taxi

- Hypothermia

Any other additions?

Maybe we can make a board and have prizes!!! FW swag anyone?


Sher said...

That is funny!

Ms. Jo said...

What about this outfit for the bingo card: Hat, coat etcetera so warm on top, but with bare legs.