Friday, February 12, 2010

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week - Day 1

Hello from NYC and Fashion Week!

Well, sort of Fashion Week. I got in around 2pm and then unpacked and ran over to get my creds at the tents. I just missed the start of the Ports show (darn it!) but I did have time to come back and get cleaned up. It had been a late night and an early morning so it felt good to unpack and relax.

Oh, by the way I ended up sticking with the red hair, although a lighter shade.

I'm in a good location right near Grand Central just a few blocks from the tents.

It's a small room but pretty nice.

It doesn't look like it here but I packed probably way more than I could possibly need.

And these babies came with me. Where might they make an appearance???

Due to the snow, I came in a day late and was sad that I was going to miss Wendy B's sale but she had to move it because of the weather. So I was able to head to the Upper East Side to check out her showing.

I wore:
- Rosette cardigan from White House Black Market
- Tulle skirt dress from Target
- Aerosole black patent buckle pumps

I bought this cardigan specifically to wear with this dress and just love it. Especially the raw edge rosettes.

Because it's still pretty icy and slushy, the shoes I brought (besides the boots I'll be wearing most of the day time) are patent heels and these Aerosoles ones are about 8 years old and get worn constantly. I love them.

I paired the outfit up with this cute little clutch from Banana Republic. I don't really use a small clutch purse very often so I only have two. I like this to be simple, with unique materials or textures so that I can wear them dressy or with jeans. The creamy white and simple shape of this one adds to the versatility.

It was a nice turnout at the show. I didn't take a bunch of pictures - too busy chatting and admiring jewelry, but I think Wendy will have some up soon! I'll link to them asap.

Now off to bed because the weeks really gets cooking for me tomorrow.


Seb White said...

JEALOUS. I want to be there for NYFW.

You're hotel room looks sweeeeet.

Also, I LOVE those red heels, just you through and through.


P.S. Someone's looking hot!

WendyB said...

I was so glad you could make it! And I'm still in love with those teacup shoes.

Sher said...

Poochie, give WendyB a hug from me ;)

Still love your red hair, don't change it! You have me wanting that sweater from white house blk market too. Have fun and post more!

TheShoeGirl said...

You and your hat were the toast of the party last night! ;)
I had SO much fun with you!!
Can't wait to hang out again.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love the leopard print coat!