Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Tempting Trio - Bergdorfs, Shoes and my iPhone

Not that I need it to be any easier to spend my money on shoes at Bergdorfs (one of my very favorite stores!) but now there is a great, and free, app for the iPhone that allows you to have exclusive access to a featured shoe.

Each day one shoe will be selected which will only be available via the app and in the store. And if you order via the app, you recieve expidited delivery! Whoo hoo!

You can also share the finds with friend and get complimentary returns. And on top of all that, Bergdorfs is currently making a $5 donation for City Harvest for every app downloaded.

So go! Download it now! I have it so I'm all ready for my trip up to NYC. But if you are already there, I've heard rumor that there are hotspots in the store where you can download it asap.

I'm hoping you'll soon see me in the store having tea and browsing for shoes but until I'm there, I'll be having fun online.

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DeeDee said...

Yet another reason why I love the Iphone!