Monday, October 1, 2007

Darkness and Light

As a child and into adulthood I have always had a fascination with fairy tales. I love how they are adult and sinister yet have been re-imagined and wrapped in a candy-coated sweetness for children as time has gone on.

I believe that if you read Greek/Roman mythology, the Bible, and fairy tales, you will have a basis of symbolism for most Western literature, as the arch-types and themes found within are replayed, referenced and re-imagined throughout most fictional works.

The same is true for animation and I'll admit that I have been inspired and influenced by these stories and portrayals.

The Red Hot Red Riding Hood has long been one of my favorites. She's hot and her sexuality totally makes the wolf become the prey. These Avery images are the inspiration for many a sexy-princess costume I think. Can I be her, please?

Swing Shift Cinderella ain't so bad either. Whoo Hoo!

Yes, yes, I love the Little Mermaid. What can I say, I'm impressionable. Ariel is probably not why I have long red hair.

Okay, maybe she is. But she's spunky right?

Snow White, obviously as classic as Audrey Hepburn and look at the amazing color combinations. That collar! Those shoes! I think anytime I'm eating an apple I feel like I'm channeling her in an innocent temptation kind of way.

And innocent temptation doesn't get much better than the centaurs in Fantasia. All earthy and maidenly to the burly boy centaurs. I want to fill my hair with flowers and prance around.

Yes this may have a little My Little Pony cross-over and, yes, I may have pretended to be a centaur. Sue me!

Sleeping Beauty is gorgeous, kind, looks great in pink and blue, and has perfect bangs. I hate her. Okay, I lover. She's also fun and has three great names.

I want my hair to curl at the ends just like that! Why why why won't it do that?

Another red-head. Again, impressionable. But Jessica Rabbit is pure sex appeal with that Scotch and cigarette's voice that I can only get close to when I'm all congested and feeling very un-hot.

I want her shoes and sparkly dress and long, long gloves.

Sadly, I think the closest I get to my animated inspirations is more like the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia.

Not, quite as hot.

By the way - fairy tales in their original form are quite dark. There are some great re-imaginings in the series containing Snow White, Blood Red. And if you want to get very adventurous, read they Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice writing under the pen name of A.N. Roquelaure. But be warned, these are far to the kinky side.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, I am such a fairy tale lover. Hey is it just me or do those dancing mushrooms resemble ehem mooseknuckes?