Monday, August 20, 2007

Orange-y Pink, Pink-ish Orange

Did you ever see a color combo out in the real world and wish you could make an outfit out of it.

I love the delicious combination of my new baby's tangerine creamsicle fur and his light pink jellybean toe pads and smoochable pink kitten nose.

He's a mix of perfect pastel colors like natural salt.

The closest things I could find were these pink Delman Jessica slides with pale orange bows.

I think we need more of these candy shoes. The world needs unexpected colors.


WendyB said...

What a cute pussycat!

MissB said...

The color you seek is also referred to as "porange" or "pornge". Not to be confused with Salmon or Peach!

StyleSpy said...

OH!!! Sweetie-pie oodgie-woodgie-woo kitty!!! What a darling!! What's his name???

Princess Poochie said...

My new kitt-eh is named Agni which is a Hindu word for fire. You can check out his whole story over at Catster -

He's cute but "kitten crazy"


jill said...

He's adorable. Catster! How funny- my orange boy, Oliver Donovan, was on Cute Overload early last year and they linked to his, ahem, Myspace...