Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SD Review and Preparing for Inclement Weather

I like to baby my shoes. Have I mentioned this before? I mean, if I'm going to spend any amount of money, I want what I'm buying to last as long as possible.

So I don't wear my good shoes out in the rain and I certainly don't drive in them if I can help it. I have a stick-shift car so my shoes would be very likely to get scuffed or smudged or worse. Plus it's not really safe to drive in heels, especially if you are trying to shift gears.

So I have car shoes.

I carry by nice shoes in a canvas bag from the house to car to office. Then I switch them. So I'm perpetually switching from flats or wellies to heels. I'm wearing a pair of Old Navy flats now but they are about ready to go bye-bye. So I was excited to receive a pair of Kushyfoot's Flats-to-Go portable ballet flats.

I actually ended up giving these guy quite the workout because the day I wore them we had a massive storm and I still had to run all over. So they were subjected to walking, driving and rain. And I have to say they help up pretty well.

I did slip a bit at one point so I scuffed up the toe on the left shoe, as you can see.

Part of the Kushyfoot story is their wavy insole that is to help massage your feet. I found them to be comfortable but a bit thin, at least for me anyways. I have very sensitive feet, though!

I would say that they fit true to size as well. The pair I received were for a 5/6 so they were a bit loose on me but not falling off.

The sole did fine outdoors and held up but my slip happened when I was walking quickly into the grocery stores with wet feet, so bit a bit cautious.

These are handy flats to tuck into your purse if you have to quickly run somewhere or are like me, not wanting to get your nice shoes wet. I'd keep a pair in my purse, car and even carry on suitcase. Have you ever had to sprint through the airport in heels? It's no fun, I assure you.

I'm also interested in a new product that I just heard about called Shuellas.

They are meant to go over your heels or flats (not athletic shoes they say) and protect them from the wet. I really like this idea because wellies, while wonderful (I love alliteration), are kind of a pain to shelp around and not very portable, you know?

Of course, shoe covers are nothing new but I like that these seem designed with heels in mind rather than most others that are more focused on flats or for men's shoes.

They come in pink, black, yellow and green, so that's fun. Plus they fold up when you are done with them and even come with a handy wiping cloth. They are a bit pricey - $50 - which is more than some wellies, so I'm not sure when I will get a pair. But if I do, I'll let you know how they work.


Vyque said...

wait, something looks different...
I lub Kushyfoot, I keep a pair in my car at all times

TheShoeGirl said...

Oh man... I need to do this same review that I've been putting off cause I'm a bad bad blogger... Thanks for the inspiration. ;)

neil said...

Another beautiful Ballet Flat I spotted is the French Sole versions. Might be a bit chilly coming into our English Winter but hey, style costs in pain sometimes!!!