Friday, December 31, 2010

Back to Basics

Maybe its the fact that I've been a slacker for two weeks but I've been wanting more casual stuff.  Tees and sneakers. Of course I could drop a quick grand at JCrew because I'm always in love with their glam preppy style but what I'm tracking down right  now is this girly jersey shirt.  I actually saw it in a restaurant's shop with their slogan on it, but they stopped carrying the product.  While I would have loved their branded shirt too, I'm happy with the plain, as long as I can get the fuchsia on pink and the pink on chocolate.   I even have some matching sneakers to wear with them!

And speaking of sneakers, I can't stop thinking about buying more. Maybe it is the influence of all that oxford-wearing in the Fall, or the fact that I've barely put on anything other than Sorels, wellies or my Moroccan slippers for the last two weeks, but I'm not shopping the sales for heels.  I'm wanting tons of sneakers!

I'm particularly wanting the be-ribboned Satire sneakers from Simple.   I really love the brown (bison) and blue ribbon combination on the hemp ones here.

But the charcoal grey and pink is sweet as well.  And those grommets will keep your feet cool too, I bet.

And the black and sky blue is great too. 

I've found the prices for this brand varies all over the web.  It's best to do a search and see what you can find, but the range as been from $25 - $60. They have some other sweet styles like cute oversized gingham in pale pink and a light tan that I'm also keeping my eye on. 

But the real classics I love, besides Keds of course, are Converse Chuck Taylors. I started with white high-tops and off-white/natural low-tops, then got red low-tops, sequin ones and pink high-tops. I'm obsessed.

I really want to get a pair of basic black ones, but have held off.  Maybe now is the time.

But Converse does some amazing seasonal colors.  Right now their rolling out their Spring seasonal colors and they are just too adorable.   If I could, I'd get them all but since I have to narrow it down, I think I want this gorgeous lavender "Lupine".  I'd wear it with a sparkly necklace and lavender cardigan paired with jeans, a denim skirt or even dressing down a pencil skirt.

And this yellow, and yellow isn't even a color I really wear, has sucked me in.  It's called "Lemonade" on  the site but it reminds me of the light yellow SweeTarts. I needs them!

Okay, I need to go troll the web for some coupon codes, because I think I am going to have to get them all!


Tom Watts said...

I like black and sky blue ribbon combination shoe.
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ashe mischief said...

Dude--what is it about black converse? I REALLY need to get a pair, but am SUCH a slacker about it!

Gosh those lavender ones are lovely though... I have nothing to wear them with, but they sure are pretty.