Friday, June 10, 2011

Ensemble du Jour: 6-4-11

More outfit photos!  Can you believe it?

So, I spent a week miserable from sunburn and basically not wanting to go outside ever again.  When I did go out on Saturday I decided I was going to be as covered up as possible while still looking cute. Which means: dress, cardigan, espadrilles, parasol, hat and sunglasses. 

I bought this white dress a few months ago knowing I'd want something cool to walk around in and it really is perfect for a hot day.  The good thing is I have a ton of cute shoes I can pair this with, from espadrilles to oxfords.  

The dress is the "Who's That Girl" dress from ModCloth and the adjustable tie and straps are great, plus it's lined.

There are my shoes!

Wedge Espadrilles are the SUV of the shoe world.  These are Mossimo from Target.

I got to break out my Cambridge Satchel, finally.  It was going to go to New York but I didn't have the room, plus I wouldn't have wanted to take it out in the rain so I guess it's a good think it stayed home.

We went to a town event held at our Park. It's funny how stuck in a rut people get about clothes.  This may not be true in bigger cities but here in North Carolina, I am a fish out of water fashion-wise. I was just walking around on the sidewalks and then running some errands but, even though I was dressed very comfortably and simply with non-fancy or pricey clothes, people were gaping. If you don't wear shorts/sneakers/jeans/flip-flops/t-shirts you are out of the comfort zone.

Not that I care.

The husband said I looked very clean and pretty and dressier then him but that's most of the time anyways.  It doesn't bother me how surprised other people are but I do find it funny.

Do you all get this kind of response when you "dress-up" a bit out of the "norm"?


Lara said...

oh you look adorable!

and YES! Richmond, VA is a college town and very hipster-y. A few weekends ago I went to the local farmer's market and wore a maxi skirt and some wedge heel sandals - well accessorized and feeling good.
I got a TON of compliments. Everyone else was shleppin around and it felt really good looking like a lady! :)

Mordrian said...

YES! Oklahoma is the LAST place you would find fashion..and people basically just stare when you try to express yourself. What ever though, i feel bad for some of those people. I love your prada baroque glasses, though. So chic

NRC♥ said...

nice dress, cute shoes but i really love that 'umbrella'!!

Marta,Martus,Marts... said...


i just look your blog and i really like it! ;)
hope you like mine too is

following u!


Anonymous said...

I thought you looked fabulous but in now way over done.
It makes me a bit sad that people don't dress up anymore or put any effort into the way the present themselves to the world. Its one of the reasons I appreciate Dita Von Teese so much

Faith J. said...

YES! After living in Chicago, I am almost always dressed up more than others. Now I'm still in a city but a much smaller one.

I love your outfit, you look great!

jill said...

You look so sweet and adorable. I love your outfit. It's like you came out of a romantic scene from a movie! And, I super love the shoes!


GL said...

lov the wedge espadrilles

GL said...

lov the wedge espadrilles

bob said...

Great dress. I know you said it was lined, but I find most white dresses you still have to wear a slip even if it is lined. Did you wear a slip?