Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspiration = Flattery? Chloe and ASOS

While not identical, the style similarities between the Chloe Patent Cap-toe Pumps with the plexi heel...

... and the ASOS Powertrip perspex pump are certainly there. 

Dusky pinkish-taupe color, clear heel, cap-toe.

They both have a chunky look off-set by the delicate colors and clear element.  I have a weakness for this blush.

The price difference is great ($555 vs $77, both on sale) but that aside, which do you prefer?


Lara said...

I like the ASOS version better. The milky heel effect is great. I've never been a big fan of ankle straps like on the Chloe pair but they look more comfy and easier to walk in! Hard choice!

nowhereelse said...

The suede on the ASOS pair puts me off them, I love the effect on the heel though! If you attached the front of the Chloe's to the back of the ASOS shoes they'd be perfect!

Anna at ShoeHunting said...

The color is lovely. I have to go with Chloe's original, that suede on the toe of ASOS' version is throwing me off (just like @nowhereelse says). It looks messy.