Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Can I See the Sunshine

I'm a big fan of color but there are two colors that I tend to shy away from.  The first is orange, which I love for accessories but the other is yellow. 

But I'm trying to encourage a love of yellow.  I used to have a yellow bedroom growing up so I'm still a bit traumatized.  I got my Lemonade Converse, on pale end of the yellow spectrum. And today, I'm embracing the sunny side.

I'm smitten with these Manolo Blahnik Uliepe golden pumps ($575 at Barneys).  Such a pretty color and classic shape.  I want to wear them as an unexpected element paired with colors or patterns you wouldn't expect.

But... they are pricey and selling out fast, so I'm searching out other options too.  I started with the sunny pumps but there's lots in the color to choose from.

Francesco Morichetti Platform pumps - $130

I love these, but they are not quite as versatile. Patricia Rosales d'Orsay - $240

These are simple and bright too. Sebastian slingbacks - $155

And to get more summery and sandal-y, you can get these Sigerson Morrison Birdcage sandals - on sale for $435

And these are my favorites of the options actually. I just got these in taupe because I needed a nude low heel. They're really comfortable and it's more yellow and grey.  Sam Edelman Orly - $104

If I have to tolerate the summer trying to avoid the sun, I can at least wear some sun on my feet.  Any sunny favorites of yours?


AnnaB said...

I love those sunny Manolos, so pretty! I'm like you, usually shying away from yellows and oranges. But I'd be brave with those pumps!

Anonymous said...

I can't wear yellow either, but the Cole Haan's are LOVELY!

- Tessa