Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking at Choo

I  haven't taken a first, much less a second, look at Jimmy Choo's heels in the past few year.  Choo's used to be my favorite but the last few seasons have seemed a bit, um, not sure how to describe it... maybe, Vegas-y?

Regardless, haven't been a fan.  But in this new crop I'm seeing a few styles, admittedly still a bit flashy, that I wouldn't mind wearing.

Sexy and not over the top sparkly - Ankle Wrap Shimmer Sandal - $1095

I love a classic pump that has a bit of interesting detail.  The glittery edging with cut-outs amps this up from boring black. Glitter Trim Pump - $595

The sandal part of this is pretty simple but that ankle cuff... holy moly!  This is not a subtle shoe but what you are investing in for it, you'll save by not having to get other jewelry. Crystal Cuff d'Orsay - $1995

The shoes I'm seeing are swinging back to the conservative side.  Are the folks at Choo a bit gun shy from all the craziness we've seen and they they gone through lately (mass-merchandising partnership, sale, etc.). Did they tone it down as they regroup are are they trying to get back to basics before going a new direction?

Time will tell.  In the meantime, I'm still not dying for any of them but they're much better than before.

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Vasu said...

love these choos.....amazing....i like the bling in all of them....the colours is classic