Sunday, June 5, 2011

Instant Access - 5/31 - 6/5

Maybe it was the sunburn from Monday, but I was in the mood to wear red all week.

Summer means strawberries.  I don't wear these ShoeMissy Strawberry Patch shoes nearly enough.

But I did wear the heck out of my Knock-Out Karen matte red polish. It's so classy, I love it.

Is it sad that one of the highlights of the week was a peanut butter sandwich?  It's crazy but this stuff is awesome.

Sound Advice.

Snaps from the Shoe Cabinets - Miu Miu

And Stella McCartney Jupiter platforms (I need to wear these!)

I had to resist.  Sad Face.

Red polka dot espadrilles ARE Summer - These are American Eagle from Payless.

A pretty visitor on Saturday morning.

And, nerd that I am, I spent all day Sunday catching up on Doctor Who episodes.

While Clarence took a nap on one leg.

Hope you had a good week!

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Anna at ShoeHunting said...

Cutie patootie strawberry shoes!!