Tuesday, June 7, 2011

House Tour - The Details Make A Home

It's been a while since I've posted about my home. I'm definitely one of those people who love to visit people's houses and see what their personal style is like.  How would I decorate differently and what kind of art they have.

I actually think my home and decorating style is very me (although if I had several houses I'd like to try out different styles) but not superficially me.  Most people expect very feminine decor which is not our house at all.  It's vintage, eclectic, personal and unique.  The house being 112+ years old really makes it a fun place to live.  With odd room shapes, fun built ins and lots of character.

So I got a bit snap-happy on Instagram.  Here's a tour of the house through the details:

Still-life in the dining room.

The Kitchen stove is one of my favorite things.  It's a beast.

Our living room mantle and fireplace.

The Sunroom. Mossy floors and bamboo blinds.

Our Guest Bath is very classic.

The Front Entry with art from our neighbor.

My Library - the fulfillment of a lifetime dream.

The Library game table.

The Library mantle and fireplace with vintage botanicals and one of the best frame examples. Proper framing is so important.

Our Master Bedroom is cozy and simple.

My Desk is small and somewhat impractical but I love it.

The Master Bath.  A strong color inspired by the vintage Italian tourism ad and vintage fixtures and floor.

Guest room corner.

An antique French laundry basket on the back stairs.

The Guest Room's antique bamboo writing desk topped with a vintage planter and mirror.

A corner of the Office.  Some of our best art is in this room, including the rocker which is painted by our other talented neighbor.

Antique Greek panels topped by a Madeline von Foerster limited edition piece.

My favorite piece is this giant (almost 3' x 4') Carol Fitzsimmons watercolor.

The Landing holds mid-Century owl bookends, a hope chest and a pillow made from vintage French linen.

And the Stairs... holding a kitty!

Thanks for coming by!

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