Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ensemble du Jour: 7-6-11

Yeah!  An outfit post!

I really need to try to find time to take these in the morning because, as you can see, the lighting in my house is "dim" to put it kindly. Dismal and cave-like would be more appropriate.

But, I was so happy with my outfit today I decided to take some shots anyways.  I made the mistake of going into Target last night and ended up with a bunch of stuff. Some of it needed, none of it pricey ($8 tanks, tees and yoga capris, yes please! $19 comfy cute dresses, okay! Robe so I stop scaring the neighbors, yep!) and perfect for wearing to work and on weekends.

The first thing I wanted to wear was this really cute stripey jersey tank dress. And then I saw the bright apple green 3/4 sleeve cardi.  I have to admit here that I am hopeless at mixing patters.  I love it on others, aspire to it and then fall into the trap of matchy-matchy all the time.  So here's my happy little mixing outfit... I paired black and white stripes with a leopard belt and shoes.


I know, I know, CRAZY TIME!!!!

This dress is so cute I got in solid red too.  Get ready for, wait for it... color-blocking!  Shut the font door!

It does have this nice little princess-seaming element.  Not a bad little detail for a less-than-$20 dress.

I'm loving the color/pattern combo. 

For jewelry, I'm also mixing but more like matching - my Wendy Brandes "Chicken on Nest" necklace and my new "vegan" hen necklace from Julep115 via Etsy.

For shoes I wore my Coach (circa 2003-2004???) Tully leopard/oscelot kitten heels.

I do love a good kitten heel.

Grosgrain bows and heel detail.

I took a bunch more shots tonight so I have a lot to share over the next few days.

Onward into year five!



Marianne said...

I need this dress immediately. You look great!

Anonymous said...

Yes! This is a great little dress! Love the leopard mix too. I'm hopeless with pattern mixing as well.
You look adorable!

WendyB said...

I love that you're developing a whole collection of chicken necklaces!

Cynthia said...

My my my. It's my first visit to you (found you via Wendy B's facebook page, I think) and I don't generally blurt on a first visit but AM. COMPELLED. BY. THOSE. AMAZING. SHOES. Feeling pure unadulterated footwear lust along with my first cup of coffee - I ask you, what else does anyone really need to start the day?