Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SD Review - Sinful 24-7 Neon Pink Nail Polish

Just a quick review.  I've been searching and searching for true neon pink polish and this is it - Sinful Color's 24/7

It goes on pretty well, I used two coats, and got the great neon below.

It's definitely bright.  So much so that even my totally white skin looks almost tan.  It's a perfect punch of neon and worth grabbing.


Marianne said...

I bought this polish a couple weeks back, and it's the perfect color. Cheap, too! But mine is matte (I was lazy and didn't use a topcoat), isn't that weird? I actually kind of dig it.

Adriana said...

Perfect color for summer! Are sinful colors "3 free?" Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

WOW - so neon! So bright! I love how it looks agains your skin!

Anonymous said...

where do you get that colour from and is it like reall neon pink because if it is then i want it :)

Poochie said...


I'm sure you could ind it on amazon. Yes, it is neon.